Precision investment casting using lost wax technique is the optimal solution when it is needed to produce mechanical elements with complex shapes and made up of several parts.

Broadly speaking, the production process starts with the creation of a mould, shaped according to the design of the part to be obtained, from which the wax form is obtained as well. Then the various wax forms are assembled into a single element, immersed in the ceramic paste and successive layers of sand are deposited on the surface. After careful drying, the piece is placed in an autoclave to extract the wax and clean it.

We will then have the mould required to obtain the final piece, obtained by casting the metals inside the mould itself. Once our piece is freed from the ceramic mould, it is ready for treatment.

The lost wax investment casting process makes it possible to produce extremely articulated parts, weighing from a few grams to a few kilos, destined for the pump, food and agricultural machinery industries, for furniture, automotive, textile and shipbuilding industries, and the nautical sector. It is ideal for elements containing grooves, fittings, ribs and intersections.

Apply can also supply finished products processed by machine tools and surface treated to obtain different types of finish. Turning and milling operations, machining centre operations, as well as brush polishing, satin finishing and galvanic treatments are carried out. All that allows us to produce truly finished, ready-to-use parts.