The well-being of Apply customers is not only guaranteed by the quality of the products, but also by the quality of pre and post-sales assistance. The network of Italian and foreign collaborators and dealers, with high level of technical expertise, is able to offer the most suitable solution for every requirement. Each product is then followed throughout its long life cycle by an extensive service organisation, which ensures optimal operation over time. All interventions are carried out following the manufacturer’s instructions and according to precise and tested procedures that have been guaranteeing high quality standards certified ISO 9001:2000 since 1999. Moreover, our assistance service guarantees the immediate replacement of faulty vacuum pumps (both those commercialized by Apply and those of other manufacturers or dealers) with others that work perfectly, while waiting for your pump to be repaired. In this way the production cycle will be minimally affected by technical problems.


Apply and its partners employ technical personnel specialised in the field of pumps and leak detection on pumps, equipment and lines. The continuous innovation of our products and machinery is followed by the constant updating of our service staff. Our company offers on-call or subscription assistance, providing one or more technicians for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, home services, collection and return of equipment for repair.


At Apply we are committed to provide you a high level of assistance, not only for technical needs related to vacuum pumps, but also in terms of people and passion for our work. The staff dedicated to customer service and technical support is highly trained, able to answer your questions and promptly solve problems; all that in a simple, friendly and helpful manner. We are also a one-stop shop for information and resources on industrial vacuum pump technology. You can turn to us for technical specifications, maintenance tips, advices on application possibilities, data sheets, pump adjustment guides and user manuals.