Our success is the energy invested in customer satisfaction, operational speed and experience in problem solving.

Team spirit: competitiveness comes from the strength of the group.

Apply’s culture is based on team spirit, on the integration of knowledges and teamwork.

Many of Apply’s actions are therefore aimed at spreading and improving team spirit, contributing in giving a precise and strong identity to the company.


Human Resources

The real wealth

Human Resources - The real wealth

There is no business without people.

Without commitment, accuracy and professionalism of people, machines and technology would be sterile.

For this reason Apply rewards innovative contributions, commitment and its employees skills and organizes updating and professional development courses for each level and task, because each employee is a resource that must be adequately supported and enhanced.


Planning the future

Research - Planning the future

Apply always differentiated for the advanced technological solutions of its products.

This ability to innovate derives from the constant attention in research and careful and persistent examination of market demands, evolutions and needs.

Through close collaboration and partnerships with its customers Apply achieves the maximum expression of its work commitment.


More efficiency and flexibility

Production - More efficiency and flexibility

In order to increase its competitiveness in an expanding sector, Apply moved on two fronts: on one hand it increased its production capacity through significant investments, on the other hand it reduced the response time to market demands thanks to a careful flexibility in production processes and the rationalization of delivery times.