Aerzen has been designing and manufacturing rotary lobe blowers since 1868 and screw compressors since 1943 and combined this experience with a new and innovative technology: the Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors.

This futuristic family of compressors combines the technical advantages of the two fields and is capable of working under both pressure and vacuum.

The Delta Hybrid is one of the most innovative products on the compressor market, not least because it has seven new Aerzen patents at its heart, as well as other patents already held by Aerzen in other fields.

The principle of operation is based on suitably shaped rotors which rotate to create gas compression chambers from the inlet to the discharge port.

With this choice internal compression is a winner in terms of energy efficiency, especially in the higher pressure range.


  • Pressure difference : 800 to 1500 mbar
  • Flow rate : from 670 to 8900 m3/h
  • Motor power : from 30 to 400 kW
  • Sound pressure level : 70 to 81 dB
  • Weight : from 590 to 4050 kg


  • Pressure difference : -700 mbar
  • Flow rate : from 650 to 8500 m3/h
  • Motor power : from 18.5 to 160 kW
  • Sound pressure : from 72 to 79 dB
  • Weight : from 590 to 4050 kg


  • Conical connection with oil pressure
  • Less vibration
  • Rotors without coating
  • New discharge silencer
  • New pulsation reduction system
  • Thermal cover on discharge silencer
  • Additional intake silencer
  • New multi-function motor rocker lifting system
  • Pulleys on blower shaft
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Offset flanges
  • Less air return
  • Reduced temperature rise
  • Longer bearing life
  • No lip seals
  • Less maintenance
  • No oil cooler
  • Higher energy efficiency


Rotary lobe compressors are so energy efficient thank to their rotary lobe compressors design, reaching energy consumption reduction around 15% average.

The new profile of the rotary lobe rotors, a marked reduction in pressure losses in the accessories and a also in suction temperatures have all contributed to this. In addition, the belt drive perfectly matches the required flow rate at high adjustment capacity (25%-100%).

Reliability and durability have been tested under the worst operating conditions and most demanding applications. To this end, internal friction has been reduced to a minimum, there is forced lubrication (except for large sizes), the bearings are of the cartridge type with LH10 min 60000 hours and no sound-absorbing materials are used in the discharge silencer.

High quality, well thought-out technical choices on engineering and economic grounds mean that Aerzen rotary lobe compressors enable a quick return on investment.