Artifacts graphite powder, handled by pneumatic loading system

Graphite powder is a particularly strong and self-lubricating material, which is pressed into special moulds to produce various objects.

In this case, we have chosen a dense phase pneumatic conveying system, whereby the material flows over the bottom of the tube collected in groups, i.e. small dunes moving towards the destination. This technology is the optimal solution for very fine dust, with particles of the order of a few tens of micrometers in diameter, but in this case with a rather high specific weight.
This is why we decided to use a dry pump, which achieves very high vacuum levels, which are essential for effective handling.
Due to the specific characteristics of the powder to be handled, it was necessary to produce an ATEX certified system for zone 22.

We therefore created a system capable of handling graphite powders from six containers to their respective presses, using a single vacuum pump.

Summary of technical specifications:

  • 6 product hoppers: capacity 100 kg/h
  • 1 vane vacuum pump of 40 mc/h
  • electrical panel for system management
  • EPA absolute filters to prevent the dispersion of dust residues into the environment
  • pipes and connectors