Why replace TWELVE pumps with ONE central vacuum unit?

The benefits are manifold… but let us proceed in order.

Our client specialises in the chemical and manufacturing sectors, particularly in the production of polyurethanes and epoxy resins that serve industry and industrial applications.

Apply designed and built a CPE2500 unit with the aim of centralising the vacuum line: we have thus replaced every single pump on the work centre, used to keep the polyurethane sheets still and stable, to guarantee excellent processing.

The pumps previously used were 12.

Model CPE 2500, technical details:

– maximum flow rate 2510 mch

– line vacuum 295 mbar

– electrical power 45 kw

– total vacuum line 55 m, diameter 130 mm


Benefits of this changeover

– Control of the operating hours of the pumps and their automatic rotation, as well as balanced wear and tear

– Scheduled maintenance without plant downtime

– Energy saving, power used – 24 % compared to previous solution

– Vacuum management, the system adapts to the needs of each machining centre, depending on the type of product to be processed (more or less porous)

Noise, concentration in a single point within a technical compartment, individual users of the machining centres are no longer affected by the noise of the pumps.