Apply filtro rifrigerazione sottovuoto

Special filter for vacuum refrigeration

For our customer, a manufacturer of solutions for food, beverage and pharma sectors, we supplied this oil separator filter for a vacuum refrigeration application.

The function of this object is to retain the oil mists at the high vacuum pump discharge, getting to two positive results.

The first is to avoid the dispersion of toxic particles into the environment, preserving health of those working there.

The second is to avoid an undesirable waste of the oil itself, as it is recovered and reused: in fact, thanks to the presence of a gas-ballast placed in the lower part, the oil mists are reintroduced into the pump.

It is composed by:

  • Condensate drain valve
  • Level sight glass
  • Internal and external treated against oxidation
  • Optional: pressure gauge to detect the cartridge occlusion