Vacuum generation units, or vacuum generating stations, are the core of centralized vacuum plants.

Their main function is to maintain a certain level of vacuum inside the system, to allow proper functioning of all the connected equipments.

Basically, a vacuum unit is made up of one or more lubricated vacuum pumps equipped with an electric motor, a vacuum-tight steel tank with discharge valve(s), filters to protect the pumps from any impurity, valves to keep the tank in vacuum when the pump is stopped and to isolate it from the plant, valves to isolate the pumps during maintenance, electric control panel, emergency button, pressure sensors and tap for manual bleeding.

All components are painted and assembled on the tank and can be enclosed in a metal box with protection.

Vacuum groups


The main advantages of the vacuum groups offered by Apply are:

  • Energy saving because the pumps start working automatically only when the situation requires it
  • Wear balancing of the pumps
  • Limited overall dimensions
  • Amperometric protection
  • Reliability