The single-phase vacuum cleaners are the winning weapon in all cases where it is necessary to clean and suck up dusts and liquids quickly, efficiently and reliably over the years.

Thanks to the high suction power, the large surface filter with cleaning system and the complete range of accessories and options, this family of vacuum cleaners adapts perfectly to all working conditions, allowing the operator to work in a short time, both during suction and during the discharge of recovered materials.

The single-phase vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for mechanical, construction, agro-food sectors, in car washes, in incinerators and in the thermal sanitary sector.

Thanks to its great filtering efficiency (class L as standard, M and H as an option) it is possible to recover even the most harmful dust without releasing residues into the environment. In addition, with the help of continuous bag or hermetic bag collection systems, the operator will never come into contact with dangerous substances.

The components high quality allows the single-phase vacuum cleaner to face the most onerous uses and guarantees the same suction efficiency over the years as the first day.

Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners


Our single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are available with:

  • recovery container and/or stainless steel filter container for food and/or corrosive substances recovery
  • filters with different efficiency classes and made of heat-resistant materials, for suctioning very fine and incandescent substances
  • kit for automatic stop in case of liquid suction
  • containers of different capacities to adapt to all needs
  • manual filter cleaning system on all versions


  • Fireplaces
  • Thermohydraulics
  • Agri-food
  • Transports