Master Blower Apply

Master Blower is an energy-efficient blower, pushing up to 20,000 rpm to provide unrivalled thrust and suction power on the market in terms of space and energy efficiency.

It is characterised by high flow rates with very small overall dimensions, high pressure rises, best in class efficiency and versatility of operation (linked to the wide range of operating frequencies), allowing the best performance and maximum flexibility in every system.

Advantages coming from Master Blower:

  • Fluid dynamic efficiency superior to 80%
  • Reduction of electricity consumption and installed powers
  • Inox steel components for food sector applications

Master Blower main areas of use

The main areas of use are:

  • Drying with lamination (marble, glass, ceramics, beverage, food …)
  • Centralised suction (cleaning and product recovery)
  • PET (plastic granule) drying dryers