The industrial blowers we sell present two symmetrical rotors that move in opposite directions.

The gas to be compressed enters the chamber where the rotors are positioned and is conveyed from the suction to the exhaust through the cavities between the rotors and the body.

When the rotor tip closes the suction-side inlet, the gas in the cavity is compressed by the rotor and by the gas backflow created in the channel.

The discharge pressure also depends on the pressure in the piping and components positioned downstream of the compressor. The required flow rate to convey any type of gas, under various conditions, can be calculated from the characteristic data of each blower.

Each rotation of the rotor corresponds to a specific volume related to the size of the blower (litres/revolution). Compression in our blowers takes place without oil in the chamber.

The rotors move with no direct contact between them and without contact neither with the cylinder, so no lubrication is required, ensuring no contamination from lubricant or small metal parts formed by friction.

We have industrial blowers in many sizes, in terms of dimensions, capacity, working pressure and suction. The suction capacity of our blowers varies from 30m3/h up to 84000m3/h, in both vertical and horizontal installation versions. The areas of use cover practically all industrial sectors.

Various industrial blowers


The fields of application cover practically all industrial sectors::

  • pneumatic conveying
  • sewage treatment plants
  • food and chemical industry
  • air compression
  • high vacuum
  • refrigeration and air conditioning
  • mining
  • metallurgy
  • semiconductor industry and clean rooms
  • water purification and treatment
  • gas compression
  • power plants
  • offshore platforms


  • Quiet operation
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Considerable energy saving
  • Mechanical fan mounted directly on the drive shaft
  • Absence of soundproofing material
  • Space saving
  • Side-by-side installation
  • Transportable with pallet truck