Apply Bologna, in partnership with Simotop Group, sells a wide range of DC and AC electric motors throughout Italy.

Apply chose to commercialize Simotop motors because of the extreme attention the company pays to environmental issues, innovation and compliance with main international standards.

Another focus of the collaboration is the wide range of electric motors available, from small to very high-performance, that can really meet all possible industrial needs.

Simotop Group is the result of the merger of two of the most important international manufacturing companies that wanted to take up the challenge of the technological demands of the European and Italian markets.


  • Manufacturing industry. Our motors in the manufacturing industry have been working non-stop for years in all kinds of plants and machinery, from machine tools to plant engineering.
  • Lifting industry. We sell a large number of cranes, bridges and other lifting equipment equipped with electric motors, which are well known for their undeniable strength and performance.
  • Steel industry. At the heart of this industry’s handling technology are our electric motors, able to cope with the demanding workloads.
  • Energy production. Because we are committed to the environment, the electric motors we sell are also used in water and wind power technology.
  • In the field of passenger and goods transport, Simotop Group electric motors are used in light vehicles, forklift trucks, buses and trolley buses.
  • Civil and naval industry. Appreciated for their resistance to stress and extreme reliability, our motors have been chosen by many industries in the shipbuilding and civil sectors.