The rotary vane compressor is based on tried and tested technology; it operates with direct drive at a lower speed than other types of compressors and offers unrivalled reliability.

The only moving part is the rotor, which has a series of grooves along its length in which the vanes engage and slide, requiring no lubricant.

The rotor rotates inside a cylindrical stator. During rotation, centrifugal force pushes the vanes out of the grooves to form individual compression cells.

As a result of the rotation, the volume of the cells decreases and the air pressure inside them increases. High-pressure air is then directed to the outlet mechanism for use.

Rotary compressors have the advantage of supplying pulsation-free air at a certain pressure and therefore do not require a storage tank.

The immediate advantages of dry rotary compressors are: clean exhaust air, minimal wear, quiet operation, no oil, no vibration, energy saving, long life, reliability.

Dry rotary compressors


  • Handling
  • Packaging
  • Construction field, e.g. in plaster sprayers
  • Low pressure painting installations
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Wood processing
  • Food industry