Trumpf 5000watt sheet metal laser assisted by automatic warehouse.
Our flexibility and speed is well known, so we can meet the most diverse requirements, even for small series and individual pieces. Available in stock aluminium alloys and Aisi 304, 316 and also special stainless steel, in all thicknesses and finishes (satin, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and polished).
stainless steels: min 0.2mm, max 15mm
carbon steels: min 0.8mm, max 25mm
aluminium: up to 10mm

INOX-PEEN micropeening. With 3 equipped tunnels of more than 8m and a high level of know-how, we are able to meet any quality and dimensional requirements.
We micro-bead blast with micro-ceramic, glass, stainless steel ball and corundum grit, with instrumental control of roughness. Our finish, adopted by the major companies producing equipment for food and pharmaceutical sectors, is characterised by controlled roughness, a guarantee of hygiene and cleanability. Micro-pallination is also very popular for architectural, graphic and decorative applications in general. We study, propose and reproduce any type of finish and effect. We manage pickling, passivation, electropolishing and study for packaging all your needs, even for marine transport.

CNC Trumpf bending machine 230 tons and 4m maximum working length, also prepared for folding closed boxes.

PVC-laser polishing and protection of metal sheets. Lengths up to 8000mm and heights up to 2000mm, possibility of polishing square or rectangular tubes. Polishing of pre-processed parts.

Execution of parts according to drawing with T.i.g, M.i.g, M.a.g welds, pressure tanks category A1. High competence in high-precision mechanical constructions with a high aesthetic finish. We have a tried and tested pool of suppliers for chip removal, deformation, painting, galvanising and electroplating services to give you your finished part ready for assembly. We study packaging for all your needs, even for marine transport.

Automatic satin-finishing up to 1100mm width and thickness from 0.6 to 100mm of any grit with PVC protection. Scoth-Brite satin-finishing on 2B starting plates, with PVC-laser protection for heights up to 2000mm and lengths up to 8000mm.



  • Tanks
  • Columns
  • Industrial plants
  • Cabins
  • Displays
  • Supports
  • Skid
  • Automotive components
  • Piping
  • Switchgear boxes
  • Loading bays