Pneumatic Conveying for sodium bicarbonate

Apply: Pneumatic Conveying for sodium bicarbonate

The missing solution for our client! Product to convey: SODIUM BICARBONATE 

  • Complete removal of dusts from the environment
  • Perfect automation in the loading of powders
  • Production of recipes with 500 gr waste
  • Relocation of the product inside the big-bag


Our system includes:

  • 2 big-bag discharger in Stainless Steel with tackle lifting on load cells, equipped with powder recovery system and recirculation of the product (NO WASTE!)
  • 1 manual bag-breaker with dust suction system
  • 3 indipendent suction groups, power 5,5kw, flow range 600 mc/h, depression -350mbar
  • 3 product loading hoppers, placed on mixer and load cells (product flow rate 500kg/h each)
  • 1 PLC electrical panel to manage weights and recipes


Assembly and testing of the product line and vacuum in Stainless Steel