movimentazione di granulo plastico apply

Plastic granules handling

For our client, European leader in the sector of sanitary products, we designed and manufactured the following pneumatic conveying system for plastic granules.

The product is inserted manually inside the reticulated inlet, which is positioned at a height of 1.15 m to facilitate the function carried out by the operator: the capacity for the plastic granules is 2000 kg/hour.
From the intake, the material is pneumatically conveyed through a pressure thrust provided by a 16.5 kW double stage side channel blower. Reached pressure +450 mbar.
The silos where the granules arrive are 14 metres high and are the containers previous to extrusion and shaping process of the final products.
The system features a roller conveyor associated with an inverter to dose the product to be handled.

Finishing details:
– thanks to the wheels it is also easy to move the whole application within the production site
– RAL colour – “Apply Blue” (customisable with other colours according to request)