Master Blower o Side Channel Blowers

Master Blower VERSUS Side Channel Blowers

In the past Apply Italia always used common side channel blowers, just like most of the experts in the field and our competitors.
This decade of experience allowed us to design and build an effective and efficient alternative to side channel blowers: that is how Master Blower was born.

But let’s see why you should change your (or more than one) side channel blower for one of our Master Blowers

  • The Master Blower has direct coupling between motor and impeller: this leads to a very important reduction of maintenance costs, due to absence of components such as tensioners, pulleys, belts.
  • It is a closed system, therefore less sensitive to dust from the external environment.
  • Its (few) components are made of Stainless Steel, a very resistant material suitable for applications in the food or pharmaceutical sector.

The most important aspect, however, is its high energy efficiency.

Compared to traditional blowers, Master Blower achieves double the flow rates with the same energy consumption: to give a practical example, the MB2800-15 model, with a nominal power of only 15 kW, has a flow rate range of 450 to 2800 mc/h, as well as pressure levels +260 mbar and depression -210 mbar.

A further consequence, in addition to the clear energy and consequently economic savings, is that several blowers can be replaced by a single Master Blower, saving space and maintenance.


See the other models to find the one best suited to your needs.

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