Loading system for pharmaceutical powders

In this video you can enjoy a custom project for a pharmaceutical company.

Some technical specifications on the customer’s request
– REQUIRED FLOW RATE: 300-500 kg/h
– BENDS: 2
– SPECIFIC WEIGHT: 0.5-0.6 kg/dm3
– HUMIDITY: <10%.

The system has the purpose of loading different tanks with pharmaceutical powder, foreseeing the automatic horizontal or vertical movement of the lifting column: it can raise in height up to 2.60mt and lower up to 1.5mt, in an automatic way and managed by a PLC. Horizontal movement, on the other hand, is by manual push.

Further movement of the whole system and for movement within the production site, is made possible by the 4 wheels placed under the base with counterweight supporting the column.

The other components of this system are:

  1. Product inlet hopper: made of 316 stainless steel, it discharges the product through the opening of a butterfly valve, also made of the same material.
    It is also controlled by a set of solenoid valves operated by a Start-Stop control panel.
    Of particular interest is the filter unit which is maintained by a counter-current air jet cleaning system, consisting of a solenoid valve complete with coil and connector, a 150X140 polyester cartridge filter and a clamp connection for connection to the vacuum system.
  2. Venturi kit: flow rate 40 mc/h with compressed air ejector, compressed air regulator and fixing bracket.
  3. Tanks for product unloading: in this case they have a capacity of 250 – 300 kg, made of mirror-polished stainless steel on the inside and satin-finished on the outside, equipped with 4 wheels with brakes, hinged lid, pneumatic vibrator kit to facilitate product descent during emptying.