Labels: appearances matter

You have probably never thought about the label of a bottle that you are about to uncork: you see it so smooth and adherent to the curves of the glass, so difficult to detach with your fingers alone, so clean and symmetrical with respect to the shape of the object and you look at it only to read it, to understand what wine it is, where it was produced: you do not ask yourself anything about that label until you find it glued exactly as you expect.
If, on the other hand, there is a curl, a stain, an imperfection, you will probably decide to choose another bottle or even another brand.

A small example of how details are important and represent more or less unconscious criteria for making decisions on a purchase.

So let’s see… what is behind the process of labelling a bottle?
Very often, once sealed, these products are washed, either for hygienic purposes or for simple aesthetic cleaning.
Before labelling, it is therefore necessary to dry the objects perfectly, so that the label can adhere completely to the glass and remain firmly attached afterwards.
In addition, good drying eliminates traces such as halos resulting from drops or drips of water, giving these objects aesthetic characteristics that are important for sale.

For sparkling wine producer customer, Apply designed and built a drying line with Master Blower 950 and air blades. Let’s see the technical features:

  • 1000 bottles/hour
  • Master Blower 950 – 5.5 Kw
  • Standard filter
  • Electric panel and inverter to modulate the drying quality
  • 4 air blades in AISI 304 stainless steel; dimensions 800 mm; lamination 1.5 mm