Glass jars drying: perfect drying and costs saving

One of the most common requirements when drying glass jars is to be able to reach effectively every nook and cranny. It is where water residues can remain causing unpleasant problems: from drops slipping on the jar label to the proliferation of mould and bacteria or rust.
The consequences of these unpleasant incidents are deformations and stains on the labels as well as more serious hygienical problems, that of course require damaged products to be discarded, considerably increasing economic losses.

Our drying system involves the use of an MB – 2800 coupled with appropriately laminated and positioned air blades.
In addition to savings due to almost total absence of waste as mentioned above, our system is particularly advantageous thanks to high energy saving of the Master Blower: minus 52% of power consumption than standard side channel blowers.

Last but not least, maintenance costs with Master Blower are significantly reduced, thanks to the direct coupling between motor and impeller and the absence of pulleys and tensioners.

For bottles, cans, jars drying Apply can provide customized solutions:
perfect drying result
– waste reduction
– energy costs reduction
– maintainance costs reduction