AISI 304 Master Blower box: maximum protection, maximum attention to customer needs

For our Spanish customer in the beverage sector, we have developed a drying system with Master Blower 2800 – 15 kW for 5-litre water bottles, a particularly popular format in Spain.

We have already talked about the Master Blower and its characteristics in terms of energy efficiency and reduced consumption in previous articles.

In this case, we would like to show you a project developed exclusively for our customer, completely tailored to his needs.

The final stages of the production process are washing with water and soda to clean the products properly, and drying, which is necessary so that the product comes out ready for sale completely free of any antihygienic and anaesthetic residues.

The combination of water and soda is highly effective for cleaning but equally corrosive and damaging to some materials: our water proof box in AISI 304 Stainless Steel protects the MB-2800 by containing it inside. The external boxes that you see in the pictures have the function of additional protection of the suction points.

The electrical panel mounted on the main front of the box is also made entirely of stainless steel and the PLC is equipped with the Profinet system so that the new system can be easily integrated into the existing one.


View from behind. At the bottom the MasterBlower 2800 to be protected by applying the second box.


Front view of the finished product, ready for shipping